About Us

Upset man sitting in group therapy and listening to the psychologist with concerned family in the background

Our Story

After twelve years of being involved in helping people recover from addictions there was a strong drive to develop a new approach that is based on all the things we found to be effective in overcoming addiction. We are very excited to bring the latest research, tools and ideas to the world of recovery.

Our Approach

There are three essential components to successful recovery. First is social support that help us progress on the road to recover. It not only allows us to sustain our commitment but it gets us through those days when we are ready to give up. Second is recovery tools that help us to deal with cravings. This is where the rubber meets the road. The better we become at dealing with cravings the better chance we have to be successful at overcoming our addictions. And third is life style change. It is essential to take a look at the people in our lives, places we like to spend time at and activities we are involved in our free time.

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